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Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional HTTP/S, FTP/S and WebDAV support. Supported storage backends: local filesystem, encrypted local filesystem, S3 (compatible) Object Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, other SFTP servers.

WebAdmin UI

SFTPGo is an event-driven SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S and WebDAV server.

With SFTPGo you can leverage local and cloud storage backends for exchanging and storing files internally or with business partners using the same tools and processes you are already familiar with.

Storage backends are configurable per-user from the WebAdmin UI, so you can serve a local directory for a user and an S3 bucket (or part of it) for another one.

SFTPGo also supports virtual folders, a virtual folder can use any of the supported storage backends. So you can have, for example, a user with the S3 backend mapping a Google Cloud Storage bucket (or part of it) on a specified path and an encrypted local filesystem on another one.
Virtual folders can be private or shared among multiple users, for shared virtual folders you can define different quota limits for each user.

The WebClient and WebAdmin user interfaces support OpenID Connect authentication and therefore can be integrated with your existing identity provider.


The WebAdmin UI allows to easily create and manage your users, folders, groups and other resources.
Groups simplify the administration of multiple accounts by letting you assign settings once to a group, instead of multiple times to each individual user.

WebClient UI


The SFTPGo WebClient allows end users to change their credentials, browse and manage their files in the browser and setup two-factor authentication which works with Authy, Google Authenticator and other compatible apps.
From the WebClient each authorized user can also create HTTP/S links to externally share files and folders securely, by setting limits to the number of downloads/uploads, protecting the share with a password, limiting access by source IP address, setting an automatic expiration date.

Other notable features

Both local and cloud-based accounts can be restricted to a certain base path.

Per-user and per-directory virtual permissions.

Public key, password and certificates authentication.

Multi-factor and multi-step authentication.

Active Directory/LDAP authentication.

Custom workflows based on server events such as uploads, downloads or schedules.

Disk quota and bandwidth throttling.

REST API for integrating with other systems.

You can obtain and automatically renew free Let's encrypt TLS certificates for HTTPS and FTPS/FTPES.

The web UIs support both light and dark modes and can be customized to match your brand.

Auto-blocking policy to help to prevent DoS (Denial of Service) and brute force password guessing.

Per-user and global IP filters.

Geo-IP filtering.

Per-protocol rate limiting.

Delegate user administration via roles.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) support using the Terraform provider.

Multiple nodes/pods are supported to provide high availability/scalability.

Extensible via plugins.


SFTPGo is an Open Source software and of course you can use it for free, but by buying support contracts for a very reasonable price you will receive support, guidance and bug fixes and will contribute to keep the SFTPGo project sustainable in the long run.

With a support contract we establish a channel for reciprocal access, ensuring better outcomes for both you and the project.

Providing support for an open source project is a matter of mutual trust, there is no expiring license that you are obligated to renew. We do not provide one-time support, upon request, we expect our clients to sign up for long-term support plans, we don't provide support to companies that subscribe/unsubscribe each time they have a question/issue.
We have limited time and energy and prefer to dedicate it to users/companies who recognize our commitment to creating and maintaining SFTPGo as fully open source project.

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Resource based billing


SFTPGo for Azure

Billed hourly based on provisioned capacity.

Email support for basic configuration customization and basic troubleshooting.

3 support requests/year.

Response time: 1 business day.

Basic Plan

40 / mo

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Suitable for small installations that use the local filesystem.

Email support for basic configuration customization and basic troubleshooting.

3 support requests/year.

Response time: 1 business day.


Pro Plan

100 / mo

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Suitable for larger installations or for using cloud backends or encrypted local file system.

Email support for configuration customization and troubleshooting.

10 support requests/year.

Response time: 4 hours within a business day*.

Your feature requests will be considered, but adding them is only included if they are already on the SFTPGo roadmap. Additional costs for new features will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Enterprise Plan

Suited to your needs

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Suitable for high scale deployments and advanced security.

Support for customizing the configuration and troubleshooting of your multi-node cluster.

Unlimited support requests.

Response time: 2 hours within a business day*.

Bug fixes included.

Early security patches.

Enterprise-grade security features and hardening.

Early notifications about critical security issues.

Setup advices.

Custom builds.

Your feature requests, fine tuning and performance improvements will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be included in SFTPGo at no additional cost.

* Guaranteed first response time on critical support requests, Monday - Friday, 9AM - 7PM CEST, with the exception of major holidays.

You can manage your subscriptions and billing details here